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Aus der Neo-Welt

The layout

“Aus der Neo-Welt” (AdNW) is a layout for the core part of a keyboard, designed for German and English:

While designing “Aus der Neo-Welt”, care has been taken to place the frequent letters conveniently, and that the load on the fingers is balanced. Furthermore, great emphasis was put on avoiding that two subsequent characters are struck with the same or with adjacent fingers, as far as possible.

In contrast to many other “ergonomic” layouts, AdNW is not the result of sophisticated considerations, but computed by a programme. The programme, together with the input data, is available freely.

Using “Aus der Neo-Welt”

For operating systems that base their graphical user interface on the “X Window System” or “Wayland” (that is, NetBSD, various Linux distributions, and so on), AdNW often comes already pre-installed (packet xkeyboard-config, version 2.12 of May 2014 or later). Furthermore, there are implementations for later installation, which feature additional enhancements.

The closed systems are lagging behind. However, in the download area of the community page, you can find free third-party solutions for installing AdNW.

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