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Examples and applications for the optimiser

Still more English

Not exciting, but simple: A layout that has been optimised better, or even exclusively, for English.

A level for special characters

As a programmer, one often has to type in special characters. Here it will be demonstrated how to optimise a layout for this.

Teodor Galabov’s Bulgarian keyboard layout

Dvorak is famous for his keyboard layout. However, this was not the first ergonomic layout adapted to the language. There was one already 25 years earlier, in Bulgaria, created by Teodor Galabov. Does Dvorak really deserve the fame? The investigation of Galabov’s layout offers a good opportunity to demonstrate how to apply the optimiser to languages other than German and English.

Layout optimisation and similarity to QWERTZ

In this example, it will be demonstrated how to perform layout optimisations while prescribing a certain degree of similarity to QWERTZ. The results illustrate how increasing freedom and improvements in the layout are related.

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